There’s A Better Way to Find Your Next Home!

WG Real Estate will provide buyer representation at no cost to the buyer in most cases.

If you buy a home listed in the Realtor MLS, since the seller has already agreed to pay a commission fee to the buyer’s agent, there would be no additional cost to you to be represented by an agent.

Are you tired of calling on a house only to find out that it is unavailable or was sold last week? We will do all the leg work for you to find available homes for sale and represent your interests in the transaction.

We may be able to Save YOU Thousands of $$$!

We can even provide buyer representation for you on homes for sale by owners (FSBOs) and new builder homes.

Services Received by Our Buyer Clients:

      • HonestyLet us help find your dream home!
      • Fairness
      • Accountability
      • Reasonable Care
      • Disclose Significant Facts
      • Undivided Loyalty to Buyer
      • Confidentiality to Buyer
      • Full Disclosure to Buyer
      • Objective Opinion for Buyer
      • Price Counseling
      • Help in Negotiating
      • Working for the Buyer
      • Acting Under Buyer’s Guidelines

We only work with serious and qualified buyers. If you want a tour around town and are not really looking to buy a home, then we are not the Realtors for you.

If you are a first time home buyer, we will require you to be pre-qualified for a loan (or have proof of funds for a cash transaction) and a face to face meeting with us before we go show homes.

If you have purchased a home before and know the buying process, we prefer a face to face meeting as well but will only require you to be pre-qualified for a loan or provide proof of funds before we go show homes.

We ask all of our buyer clients to sign a standard buyer’s representation agreement outlining our services, showing times and verifying the buyer does not plan to use another real estate agent to buy a home during the agreement time. We normally write the agreement for a 3 month period.

If you are interested in buying a home please use our form below to contact us.

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